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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cruise Ship Stowaway

Early Beginning Readers Books For Kids 4-8

Another "Naughty Nico" Series Book for Kids

"The Adventures of Naughty Nico" Series books are kids books written with the early reader in mind.  Some children learn to read at a very early age and other take a little longer.  These books are meant for first grade level children early readers; however, some children at this age may find it easy to read while others may need a little help.  In any case, these short story children books have action and adventure for kids and are meant to keep the readers attention. Testing has found that even children as old as 15 like to read them and YOU will have fun reading them to your children or grandchildren that can not read because they are great children picture books too.

Some will call Nico a troublemaker, but he's just an active 8 year old boy who is always looking for fun things to do. Sometimes, these fun things turn into silly adventures for him and his friends.
Even though he gets into trouble, A LOT, it’s fun trouble and he always seem to get out of it one way or another. These adventures are fast action and exciting and when you read them, I’ll bet you can remember either you or someone else that has done some of the same things we’ve done.

You’ll like this book no matter what age you are but mostly if you’re just learning how to read or like to have stories read to you in which you can follow along with the exciting pictures that are on each and every page.


In this story, my best friend Nathan and I are minding our own business trying to fish on the first day of summer vacation, when all of a sudden a policeman comes along and tells us to stop fishing and leave. While we are trying to get away from him we hear my next door neighbor, Sophie, crying because she wants to say good bye to a friend of hers who is going away for a week on a cruise. That’s where people get on a big boat or a ship and sail around while having a vacation. Sophie is sad because she is not allowed on the ship to say good bye. We, Nathan and I kind of help her sneak on the ship, accidentally of course, and a lot of fun things happen along the way. Even though there are a lot of chases and excitement, there is a happy ending.

You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a lot of fun reading this story.


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