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Monday, August 26, 2013

Naughty Nico in "Finding Hidden Treasure"

Early Beginning Readers Books For Kids 4-8 | FUN FOR ALL AGES

 Naughty Nico Series

"The Adventures of Naughty Nico" Series books are kids books written with the early reader in mind.  Some children learn to read at a very early age and other take a little longer.  These books are meant for first grade level children early readers; however, some children at this age may find it easy to read while others may need a little help.  In any case, these short story children books have action and adventure for kids and are meant to keep the readers attention. Testing has found that even children as old as 15 like to read them and YOU will have fun reading them to your children or grandchildren that can not read because they are great children picture books too.

"Finding Hidden Treasure"

 In this action adventure "Naughty Nico" children's book, Nico and his gang of 8 year olds (The Eagle Street Gang) go to the auction house and get their fingers in the middle of someone buying a vase. They have quite an adventure but it ends well.


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